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System.Nation – 001 – Election

For: Tuesday November 7th, 2006

Since November 7th is an Election Day in the USA, we will talk about the different systems involved in the political system. We are not focusing on specific races, but the following processes:

  1. Learn about candidates – Sites and steps to finding real info about a candidate
  2. Interesting Campaign Moves – Stuff that is just a little out of the norm
  3. Influence Elected Officials – Now that the election is over; how to make sure your Representatives are representing you.

How to Participate:

  • First you can listen live or download it later.
  • Participate Live – There will be a live chat & you can call into the show. You will need an account at TalkShoe.

This show is not about specific politics, views, or “who is going to win”, but is about the systems that are involved in elections. We might talk a little about specific examples, but mostly for ideas that can be applied to other situations, either within a political election or other situations.

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