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wordpress image, video & other media how to video

Here is a great video from titled Adding Photos, Video & Other Media into Your Posts

writing a post in WordPress (video)

Here is a great video found at

Quick Additional Notes:

Categories – we typically use categories to determine where and how a post shows up on the site. Being a minimalist here is good.

Tags – we typically use tags for internal review and help determine if we need to add a new category, page, or section to the site. Load up your posts with lots of tags, if it is a system we are involved with.

Linking in WordPress : System

These are the simple steps how to to adding links in a WordPress based site.

1. Type the words that you want to be a link.

2. Highlight the specific part you want to be the link.

3. Press the Insert/Edit Link button
NOTE: this is greyed out, until you have something you can make into a link, or a link you can edit.

A new box will be added:

4. Add URL & Press Insert
Paste, or type in the URL in the Link URL box.


WordPress Test

This past weekend I was at PodcampNashville and Cliff pointed out to me that wordpress would add everything for podcasting without a plugin, well if you want the flash player you still need one.

Thus instead of playing with all of it on a major podcast site, I decided to do some testing here.

The most recent episode of Artist Insider Q&A was released and is available for download.

We shall see, and play with this one a little.


March System Update

I have noticed a good number of people start showing up here. Most of are looking for me. I am currently focused on developing podcasts for other people.

Artist Insider
Artist Insider is one show that I am involved with. My role there is mostly Pre-production, Recording, Management, and Promotion.

New Websites
I am looking to redo the theme and most of the content for a couple other sites, like All Things On Demand and TKN Ventures. If you are a great graphics person, or involved in website development, we are always looking for more connections.

Most of my work right now involved helping educate people about opportunities and options.

System.Nation – 002 – Web Basics

For: Tuesday November 21st, 2006

We live in an On Demand world and one of the first on demand services a company or organization might have is a website. This episode will be all about websites and will mimic the session Jonathan has gone through both at conferences and with individual clients. The outline will be online soon, but here are the big basics:

  1. Basic parts of a website
  2. Fundamental uses
  3. Types or Styles of website
  4. Programs & Services

How to Participate:

  • First you can listen live or download it later.
  • Participate Live – There will be a live chat & you can call into the show. You will need an account at TalkShoe.

Come ready to talk and ask questions.


System.Nation – 001 – Election

For: Tuesday November 7th, 2006

Since November 7th is an Election Day in the USA, we will talk about the different systems involved in the political system. We are not focusing on specific races, but the following processes:

  1. Learn about candidates – Sites and steps to finding real info about a candidate
  2. Interesting Campaign Moves – Stuff that is just a little out of the norm
  3. Influence Elected Officials – Now that the election is over; how to make sure your Representatives are representing you.

How to Participate:

  • First you can listen live or download it later.
  • Participate Live – There will be a live chat & you can call into the show. You will need an account at TalkShoe.

This show is not about specific politics, views, or “who is going to win”, but is about the systems that are involved in elections. We might talk a little about specific examples, but mostly for ideas that can be applied to other situations, either within a political election or other situations.


Focus on Systems

sys·tem – n.

  1. A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.
  2. An organized set of interrelated ideas or principles.
  3. A social, economic, or political organizational form.
  4. A set of objects or phenomena grouped together for classification or analysis.

There are more definitions, but those seemed to be the most applicable. This is both my professional blog for my consulting, focus, education, and podcast about systems.

The world is made up of lots of systems including in the business, education, political, financial, computer, technological, and every other example of a “world”.