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wordpress logoA great program that is the core of System Nation and many additional websites.

WordPress makes management of dynamic websites and posting extremely simple.

The core software is free & open source.

Linking in WordPress : System

These are the simple steps how to to adding links in a WordPress based site.

1. Type the words that you want to be a link.

2. Highlight the specific part you want to be the link.

3. Press the Insert/Edit Link button
NOTE: this is greyed out, until you have something you can make into a link, or a link you can edit.

A new box will be added:

4. Add URL & Press Insert
Paste, or type in the URL in the Link URL box.


writing a post in WordPress (video)

Here is a great video found at

Quick Additional Notes:

Categories – we typically use categories to determine where and how a post shows up on the site. Being a minimalist here is good.

Tags – we typically use tags for internal review and help determine if we need to add a new category, page, or section to the site. Load up your posts with lots of tags, if it is a system we are involved with.

wordpress image, video & other media how to video

Here is a great video from titled Adding Photos, Video & Other Media into Your Posts